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We are conveniently located in Marietta, Georgia which allows us to provide affordable service without having to include “extended trip fees” into our pricing for the surrounding Metro Atlanta area. This helps keep costs down AND allows faster service times for you! We understand the need of some of our more rurally located customers such as Schools, Church’s, Daycares and Assisted Living Facilities that can’t afford to keep door maintenance personnel on staff and the challenges faced when having to pay additional charges to bring in qualified professionals to address your door repair needs. We specialize in catering to these needs. Along with providing top notch door lock change services. We pass along our reduced material costs to you, our customer. So you know you are getting quality craftsmanship at the best possible price!


Ceiling Fan

Many homes have ceiling, or paddle, fans installed already. These fixtures wear out with time, not to mention just plain wind up out of date and looking old.

Some older fan installations will need to have the box and supports reinforced to provide proper support, whereas some will not. Only trained ceiling fan installers can properly evaluate the supports and ensure your safety.

We recommend the addition of remotes to control your fans. Most ceiling fan remotes provide 3 speed control and full dimming, and work will old or new fans.

New installs basically fit into two different catagories. Prewired boxes, typically in new homes, and either a light replacement or completely new install. For proper fan installation it is critical that it have a sturdy support system. Prewired homes already have adequate supports.

Today there is a huge variety of ceiling fans available. Which in turn, results in many different installation methods being employed. Our technicians are specialists when it comes to assembling and installing ceiling fans, no matter how they go together.

Kitchen and Bath Renovation

Replace vanity
Replace kitchen cabinet

Your kitchen water faucets likely get the most use out of all of your plumbing in your home. Just think about all the times you turn on the kitchen faucet. The on and off motion will eventually wear out the faucet. Our kitchen faucet installers can help you avoid that dreaded leaky faucet.

Sometimes all you need to really revamp a room is some new hardware like draw pulls and handles and a new faucet. A new faucet can really add some polish to your room and dress things up a bit. We can easily install your new faucet quickly and correctly.

Some folks like the DIY approach until they are in a heap of plumbers tape and are fighting with the wrenches to find the right size. It is a very inexpensive job to call in a professional and worth the reduction in aggravation and stress.

Don’t delay! Call our office today to find out how we can make your life a little easier.


Faucet Replacement
Toilet Repair and Replacement
Shut off valve
Pressure Regulator Valve Replacement
Water Heater Replacement
Leak Repair

At Master Repair, we are passionate about meeting the individual needs of our customers. If your bathroom faucet is leaking, or it is experiencing another issue, we will replace it quickly for your convenience. Our techs are trained, and will handle the task in a safe and efficient manner.

Leaks in your bathroom faucet may cause water damage if not addressed promptly. If you notice that water is leaking from your bathroom faucet, it is important to hire experienced technicians right away to prevent mold or other problems.

In some cases, the faucet may need to be entirely replaced. Installing a new faucet can provide many benefits, especially if your existing faucet is old or is experiencing a lot of minor problems. Replacing the system can add to your home’s value and give you the opportunity to choose the type of faucet you want. Furthermore, installing a new faucet includes replacing the seals, which will help them last longer.

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“Hendy was absolutely AMAZING! I have had some really horrible and mediocre handymen so I speak from experience. Hendy is an extremely hard worker and takes pride in his work. He is also very skilled and is a true professional. I have recommended him to several of my friends and look forward to working with him again!!”

– Nat D.

Nat D.

“Hendy did an excellent job repairing our clogged toilet and tub in just a matter of time. Highly recommend Master Repair!”

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